Cabling Question

Ok just finished my first cable project and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. But it seemed like it was too tight? The pattern was k11, p3, move 4 sts onto cable needle to the front, knit 4, knit 4 from cable needle, p3, k11. It seemed like by the time I got to the last couple of stitches off of the cable needle the stitches were really tight and the last one as contradictory as it sounds, when Id try to knit into the last stitch off the cable needle I would have to loosen that stitch then I’d wind up with a big loop? :shrug: Am I doing something wrong?

I think that’s just the nature of cables with more than 3 stitches crossed over.

Aah ok… does it look ok? I guess it’s one of those things that just improve with practice?

They look fine. Cabling pulls stitches from where they belong to where you want them to be, so there has to be some stretching. Looks like your yarn is a bit bulky, too, so that would make it less agreeable to crossing over without protest.:lol:

That’s natural! They look great.

It’s Paton’s Merino Wool so not too bulky but i love love how this works up :slight_smile: Now I got to do the scarf to match these but I want to do with at least 2 cables. I think I’m addicted… I have a pattern for a celtic cable which is gorgeous lol

I feel like I need to explain… my signature says I teach at Michaels knitting and crocheting… and I do, but I only teach beginning knitting so alot of the more complicated stuff is new and something I’m learning as I go along as well. It definitely keeps me motivated and pushing because once in awhile my students come up with questions and if I don’t know the answer we look and find them together. I always reference them to this board as well for help and the videos :slight_smile: I just thought some might find it strange I’m on here asking questions when I teach lol I’m probably the only one that even noticed it :rollseyes:

Uh, yeah. I seldom notice what’s in people’s sigs. But good for you; they say the best way to learn something is to teach it. Since you gotta keep a couple steps ahead of the students.