Cabling pattern question!


I’m attempting my first hat - and find myself utterly baffled by the instructions. I attempted to interpret them on my own, and the result was definitely not pretty!

My question concerns the following instructions (from a lovely hat patten by - the Cassidy Cap)

I’ve done the cable set up…

Cable Set-up Round: *([K1, P1] twice, work Round 2 of Chart A, [P1, K1] twice, P2, work Round 2 of Chart B, P2); repeat from * around.

Here is the section of the pattern which is puzzling me:

Work patterns as established for 7 rounds, following charts as given.

Note: small cables are made every 4 rounds; large cable every 6 rounds.

I have the chart patterns - a chart A for the small cables, and a chart B for the large cables. My question is this - if I’m to work the patterns as established for seven rounds do I need to repeat the cable set-up round? Or do I go straight to the patterns? In seven rounds would I knit the first 3, then follow chart A, then knit 1, then follow chart B? So - 1 - 3 knit, 4 - A, 5 - knit, 6 - B, 7 -knit.

I would greatly appreciate any help! If you need more information let me know (I’m a novice when it comes to anything other than scarves/lace-knitting!)

Don’t work the set up round again. That places the cables and sets how many times the charts are repeated. Proceed on to the charts.
And yes, work from the charts in the order you’ve given, rnd 4 A, rnd 6 B, rnd 8 A and so on. You’ve got it. Good luck with the hat which is a lovely pattern.

So far so good… the hat is starting to take shape and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it looks. But…

I just did the INC round (listed below)

Next Round—INC Round: *([K1, PFB, P1] twice, work Chart A, [P1, PFB, K1] twice, P3, work Chart B, P3); repeat from * around—144 sts.

The instruction which follows it is:

Work even in established patterns until hat measures 6.5" (or desired length) from cast-on edge, ending with a
Row 6 of Cable Chart B.

I did some sleuthing on knittinghelp, which led to me to believe I should continue to knit in the pattern established in the inc round (without adding stitches, obviously) or knit the knits & purl the purls - but the line about “ending with a Row 6 of Cable Chart B” troubles me. According to the chart, Row 6 is a “knit-only” row… therefore it’s not the pattern established?

So: do I need to go back to the pattern established earlier, with a small cable every 4 and a large cable every 6 (with knit only rounds in-between), or follow the newly established pattern?

I hope my question doesn’t seem too dense…

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide! I’m leery of barging ahead and ending up with a knitting mess instead of a lovely hat!

Don’t go back to the original pattern. The current pattern as established incorporates chart A and chart B and now the increases that you’ve made (which are outside the chart patterns). You’ll be repeating the charts and sts between to the desired length and ending with row 6 of chart B. You should also be patterning chart A and the sts between charts. The pattern is just telling you the best place to leave off in order to prepare you for whatever the next rows are (maybe decreases).
Don’t be afraid to try something to see if it’s right. Knitting is very forgiving and you can always rip out and re-try.