Cabling Issues

I’ m working on a cable sweater for my husband; its a little difficult for me. The pattern is a Rowan one. I know every brand shows abbreviations differently. So I keep searching for the answer. I’m having problems with Cr10b ( Cable right 10 back) or I understand it might be a twisted cable. In the chart it appears as two 5 sts leaning right so I thought it was Cr5b twice… but the cross cable is small and the sweater didn’t look right. I’m a bit stuck.:frowning: Any help would be great help.

Welcome to KH @Bunnielove!
Usually this would mean hold 5sts to the back, knit the next 5sts, then knit the 5sts on the cable needle but you’re right, sometimes patterns define sts differently.
Check at the beginning and at the end of the pattern and in the key for the chart. See if an explanation is given.
Can you tell us the pattern name or give us a link to it, please?

Thank you so much for the reply. The pattern is in Rowan’s Brushed Fleece catalog. It’s called Usk, I found the special abbreviations in the front section. Thank goodness! But it turns out the Cr10b is hold 6sts back, knit 4sts, take the center 2sts from back purl and and then knit the rest of the 4sts on the cable needle. I’ve previously read some of your ( Salmonmac) suggestions, very helpful. Especially, for cardigan question such as this. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Ah ha, good that you found the specific abbreviation. Thanks for getting back to us.
It’s a great looking sweater. We’d love to see a photo when you finish.

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I’ve decided it be best to pace myself since I fly to the US on the 19th of December… I only have the back done… so it’s going to be a New Years gift v.s. a Christmas one. I hope it’s still appreciated. How do I post an image? :wink:

In the reply box, this button. Or you can simply drag and drop a photo in the reply box.

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Thank you!

There is an episode (#4) on Best knitted jumper called JUMPERS SERIES 5 episode 4 on Kristie’s Handmade Christmas on ( All4) I caught the tail end of it. It might interest someone here.