Cabling along raglan decreases

Can anyone here explain or point me to a website that explains how
to run a cable along the raglan decreases in a raglan sleeved sweater?
I’ve seen some pics of sweaters with a simple cable running along
the raglan seams and I’d like to try it myself but I’m not sure how it
works exactly. Anyone got any info for me?

Libbie :slight_smile:

You would have to work the cable in the center, then the raglan decreases on either side of the cable.

I found this site:

Here’s the detail of how it’s done -

Thanks guys! I knew I had seen the instructions for it somewhere
but it was several months ago and my googling was not finding
it :slight_smile: I pretty much had the right idea in mind but it always helps to
have a bit of confirmation!

Libbie :slight_smile: