Cabley Cozy Slippers

I just want to make sure I understand this direction properly. This is from a pattern that is only on Ravelry, called the Cabley Cozy Slippers.

Here are the instructions I find ambiguous (in bold):

"Knit stockinette in the round (particularly narrow foot = 18 rounds) (average-width food = 20 rounds) (particularly wide foot = 22 rounds)

[B]Using your odd needle, purl off both ends of the circular needle. Join the front and back rows into one by purling into one back and one front stitch with every new stitch.[/B]"

Am I right in assuming that this means to purl the 2 sts together? I don’t know why I can’t “get” this instruction.

I read it as being similar to a 3-needle bind off. You’re holding the two points of the cable needle parallel to each other and working the stitch from the front needle together with the stitch from the back needle to join them.

Make sense?

I’m going to have to try again. I also just noticed that they say ‘…into one back and one front st…’. If it’s the 2 together, that would make more sense. For the number of times I read that instruction, you’d think I’d have noticed that before!

Since it’s available on Ravelry, you could PM the author/designer and ask for a clarification.