Hello all,
So I’m inspired to try cables since hearing from a realtive newbie that they’re not really that hard. I can find loads of fabulous patterns, but no sources that tell me how to cable. That is, the pattern will just say C or C6f without an explanation of how to do it. Can anyone recommend any good tutorials, patterns, websites or books that explain this well? Thanks so much!

cables really are quite easy I thought they’d be so tough – until I learned, and I learned how to do them from Amy’s video. Scroll down a bit on her Advanced Techniques page and you’ll find the Cabels video under “decorative stitches”

I’d wish you good luck – but you won’t need it.

d’oh! I looked for cables in Amy’s videos, but I didn’t think to look under decorative stitches! Oh well, I’m sure this will be all the help I need… Thanks!

I watched Amy’s video and couldn’t tell if I was supposed to do the “twist” row everytime you get to the cable part or not? It sounded like you do 5 regular rows and then a twist row. Is that right?

In Amy’s video, yes, it was 5 normal rows of knitting and purling and then the twist, but I assume every pattern would be different and would specify. I have a question as well-- do you really need a cable needle? Couldn’t you just use double points in the same size as your working needle? Do cable needles come in different sizes? Please share if there is a benefit to buying seperate cable needles, cuz I’m all about using what you already have…

I learned to do cables myself just last weekend :happydance:
At first I did use a dpn inthe same size as my needles, but it was too slippery(I used a metall one).
Then I saw the dowels I had left-over when making knitting needles…
and began making a wooden cable needle like Amy did in her video! I made it a bit smaller in the middle(took a long time cause I only had sand paper :rollseyes: ). It works great and is cheap too!

Wow! You make your own needles?!?

So, how many rows did you knit/purl like normal? Did you only do one row of twist in between?

I might have posted this somewhere else, but I lost my cable needle (darn cats :evil: )… this website has directions for making 6-stitch left cables without a cable needle, and this site has the same directions but with closer pictures, plus directions for a 6-stitch right twist and a 7-stitch twisted rib cable (funky/pretty/challenging/I know you can do it!)… very useful when you have naughty kitties.

Mom sent me this Pic (my kitties aren’t that nice with my yarn)