i am going to go mad trying to knit a cable without a cable needle
i have watched videos but i find them confusing
all i want is a simple 2 stitch cable
is it or does it have to more stitches
any help please

For a 2 st cable or twist st you don’t need a cable needle as you’re only crossing one st over another (or did you mean a 4 st cable where you cross 2 sts over 2 others?)

For a left twist over 2 sts, knit the 2nd st from the back of your work, leave it on the needle, then knit the first st. For a right twist, knit the 2nd st from the front of your work, leave it on the needle and knit the first st. If that’s not clear, you can try to find a video by searching on Left Twist and Right Twist.

thank you for your post
now this better explained cable
thank you