I am working on a major cable dress and have started over because the cables look so messy. Every time I knit the slipped stitches from the cable needle, the last stitch is always so big. I am also going from a knit to a purl. I have tried knitting tighter and that doesn’t work either. Is there any way of fixing this. It’s always that that one knit stitch on the end…why?

Thanks for listening.

Try knitting looser rather than tighter.
Try not stretching that last stitch.
Also it will look a lot better when it’s blocked.

Why is because that last stitch is pulling from over there --> and doesn’t have anything pulling it on that side <-- so the looseness doesn’t transfer down the line.

Mike already gave you a great answer, i can only emphasize the blocking again - it will improve the general look and you won’t even notice the pulled stitches. Another point to consider - some yarns are just not good for cabling - for example, I would not cable with bamboo, because it’s stretchy and not “bouncy” as wool.

are you knitting flat? if so, those ends will be inside the seam anyway.

I think she means the last stitch at the end of the cable, not the last stitch at the end of the row.


Is there any way of fixing this? I tried working this last nite and the last stitch on the cable need is always big (If not the one on the cable needle, the one below). Mike responded and said try not to pull the stitches. I have laid the work on my lap and tried very hard not to pull. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you.

Mike’s suggestion is a good one, when you pull tighter, that makes the gaps bigger. You can wrap the yarn around the needle the ‘wrong’ way on those sts, but make sure when you work into them on the next row to knit them so they’re straight, not twisted. Also, washing or blocking evens out the sts quite a lot, so that last stitch won’t be so big, the extra yarn moves into the nearby stitches.

You’re working off the cable needle?
Try slipping them back to the left needle before working them off instead. It’s hard not to stretch that last stitch when working off the cable needle because the weight of the piece wants to pull it.

If it does get stretched you can insert the needle into the stitch before it and pull some of it out (that would be the stitch below the stitch that’s on the right needle).

Good idea to put the sts back on the left needle, that may help.

I restarted my cable sweater at least 3 times trying to figure them out.
I have good dexterity but can’t hold the weight of the sweater, the needle, the cable needle and knit all at the same time.
I can’t figure out how The Crochet Dude manages to drop the stitches and pinch to hold them until he’s ready for them.

I never could figure out how to avoid the ladder after the cables, although I figured out how to redistribute that looseness across the background so it didn’t look like a ladder and have drafty areas.

I am giving this one more shot (may two). If the cables don’t looking good I need to find something elses to do with this yarn. Thank you for all your help.

I noticed that I had this problem at first as well. The only way that I ended up fixing it was by being very careful. I noticed that the stitch would stretch when I was getting ready to knit it and I was pushing the needle the whole way into the stitch in order to do it. What I started doing is being very careful when I’m knitting that last stitch and only putting the tip of the needle into the stitch and carefully pulling the yarn without pulling on the cable needle. I’ve gotten great results doing this, and I can keep my stitches as tight as I want them.

I’ve also used a really small crochet hook to slip the stich off the cable needle and then pulling the yarn through and put it back on the regular needle. This works, but you have to know which way the yarn needs to go and you have to control the needles so you don’t lose the stitch


Thank you very much. I am going to try the crochet hook method. Its very frustrating because it is just that one stitch and it just looks terrible.