Hi there,
I am currently working on a sweater that has a staghorn cable.
what does 2/2 RC mean? and 2/2 LC?
I think it means to make a right slant cabel then a left slant cable. If that is correct…and it probably isn’t
how do I know when to put the cable needle to the back or to the front?
How do you know what way the cable is slanting? from the bottom up… so / this would be a right slanting cable with the needles in back and this \ would be a left cable with the needle in front?

ACK! I did do a search to see if this question has been asked already…
You are all so great for your help! thanks,

My stitch guide uses a little more helpful name for the cable. It calls the 2/2 RC a C4B, and the 2/2 LC a C4F. They are the same though I’m sure. I just tried a C4B and it slants / right and the C4F slants \ left. I used a staghorn cable recently. They are neat.

For your 2/2 RC put 2 on the cable needle and hold in back and knit 2 from the LH needle and then the 2 from the cable needle.

For the 2/2 LC put 2 on the cable needle and hold in front, knit 2, knit 2 from CN.

I remembered which was which by reminding myself that left has an F in it, and for that you hold it in Front.:shrug: Worked for me!

Thanks so much for your help…and yes, I think the way your book has it is much better! I am looking forward to the completion on this sweater!

LOL at the left with an F in it! I was telling myself “I’ll be Right BACK” to remember lol now, no matter what, I will have a way to remind my self which way is what! lol

I LOVE those 2 methods of rembering (left f=front; be right back). I’ve always had trouble w/left and right - oh, the other right! - I always have to look at the pattern notes to know which way to cross, each and every time I get to a cable crossing row. Now I’ll be able to know which way to cross w/out looking it up each time!