Hi everyone (this time I am wearing specs:roflhard: )…I have done a few cable projects…but (dumb ?) should you use the same size cable needle? The reason being, I am using larger needles (US 10.5) for a scarf…The only “cable” needle I have/own is one of my broken dpns that I just sharpened the other end…and it’s about a US 5 or 6…will this make a difference? :?? Thanks all:hug:

I don’t think it matters. I’ve only seen cable needles sold in 3 size sets.

I don’t remember if the one I made is the same size or not but I know I haven’t made ones that fit all sizes.
I think you just need small enough to not stretch the stitches and be able to knit off them and large enough to not fall out.

I actually find it easier to use a cable needle that’s thinner than my knitting needles.

I agree with everyone else for cable needles smaller is better - IMHO. I think mine is a size 1 or 2

Yes, use a smaller needle or you can even use a skewer, chopstick or opened out paper clip.

Ditto. I have the three needle set from Knit Picks and I’ve only ever used the smallest one… if I use one at all. Learning to do cables without needles has made my cable knitting go much faster!

The size of stitch is determined by the size needle its KNIT onto, not the size its knit off of.

so when you slip stitches for a cable onto a cable needle and then knit off that smaller diameter needle–it doesn’t matter.

what matter is what size needle is use to make the stitches.

(remember this (if) when you frog something… you can pick up the stitches up (after frogging) with any size needle (and a smaller needle is often easier to use!) just be sure to knit them onto the proper sized needle!

The size of the cable needle won’t match the size of the knitting needles your using. They have small ones, medium. I have NEVER EVER been able to find a straight cable needle if that’s what you are looking for BUT…I use the plastic blue yarn needle that they sell at every store that carries yarn. That’s my cable needle. DPN’s are really long and it can be very difficult to use em. They are for me.

I jsut grab any DPN. Size only matters for the needle you’re knitting onto.