So when you make cables you CO some stitches and do the borders and alla that then when yer getting ready to start cabling do you have to do increases equal to the number of cables? For instance let’s say I want a 4 stitch cable. Since I’m scrunching up the yarn with 2 stitches do I increase 2 stitches to make up for the scrunch in the cable? Does that make sense?:??

No, you don’t add stitches, or I think the pattern would tell you to do so. Take Kristen’s Palindrome scarf. I took off one repeat,because I want this scarf to be skinny. This left 28 stitches, each row is 28 stitches with no increases. As if by magic, it all stays straight.

Of course, I’ve only made two cabled things, so somewhere there might be a pattern different from this.

BTW, we ARE neighbors! Have you ever been to Boersma’s Yarn in McMinnville? Great little shop.

No, in most cases you do not “add” a stitch as you are thinking. For that 4 stitch cable you you give as an example you are often crossing two (2) of the stitches either behind or in front of the other two (2) stitches depending on if you want your cable to cross to the left or right. It is just that portion that has been crossed that usually looks bunched up, but all four (4) of the stitches you originally worked with are still there. HTH.

Cables scrunch in the piece due to the crosses, so you may want to CO more stitches than you think you’ll need so you get more width.

Oh! SO I don’t “add” stitches as I go, I just CO in the begining a couple more stitches than I thought I needed. THat makes sense.