Can you show me where to find all the different kinds of cables to do and how?
There’s more than one way, right?

There are a lot of great videos here at Knittinghelp. Go to this link and scroll down halfway. There are videos on cables.

I know how to knit cables.
I just wanted to know if it was always going to look the same or if there were many other kinds, and where I could find them at.

Again scroll down to twisted stitches and cables. It’s the only link I have to different cables. Aside from that check your library for books on knitting. There are a number of books about stitch patterns and aran designs.


There are lots of stitch patterns at I think she has them classified as to what they involve (lace, textured, twists or cables) and she has pictures of quite a few, so you could pick out the cable patterns from there.

Here are some
And here is a cable graph generator

I’d search the free pattern sites for cabled project patterns.

i will thank you too.

If you like cables check out Elsbeth Lavold’s books on Viking Knitting. It is pure eye candy for the cable lover!!

Lionbrand website has some cable patterns here:

There are many books with lots of different cable stitch patterns. Try finding these are your local library:

The Harmony Guides: Cables & Arans by Erica Knight
Vogue Knitting Stitchionarey 2 - Cables
Barbara G. Walker has several: A Treasury of Knitting Patterns and A 2nd Treasury of Knitting Patterns.
And there are more…

I’ll second the recommendation of the Lion Brand site. I found lots of different cables there.