Hi there,

I am a newbie who is getting ready to learn cables. I’ve seen tutorials on how to knit cables using cable needles and without them both - I’m wondering what you experienced folks recommend as being easier and more effective?



Whew! That’s a loaded question. :rofl: There are fans of both with and without using a cable needle and for the most part it’s just personal preference.

I prefer using a cable needle.

I just use a small double pointed needle as a cable holder and slip my sts on to it and then I just stick in in my knitting to hold it in place.Hate cable needles to slippery and loose.It works well for me.

Since you say that you are a new knitter… I think it might be best to learn how to ‘cable’ using the cable needle… that way, you won’t have to worry as much as about ‘dropping the cable stitches’ or crossing the cables in the wrong direction/etc.

Of course, once you learn how … and feel comfortable doing cables… you can learn to cable w/out the needle… but, there is certainly MORE CONTROL with using the cable needle.

It is doubtful that your first cable project will have so many cables that using a cable needle would slow you down any ‘anyway.’ Right?

Good luck- they are super easy to learn how to do and look amazing when used.

Cabling without a holder of some sort works better if you’re only crossing 1 or 2 sts, 3 at the most. You should learn how to do it with a stitch holder/needle first.

Good luck and let us know how it goes. I haven’t tried doing cables yet but it’s definitely something I’m interested in. I wanna knit the Irish Hiking Scarf!!! What are you going to knit???