Can anyone recommend a book about learning to knit cables? I’ve watched Amy’s video…which is awesome btw :muah: , but I would like something I could take with me that I could refer to. Thanks! :hug:

Here are a few links that might help.

When I first learned cables I printed out this info and it helped a lot!
Dummies: knitting cables

This site in general is very good for learning to knit because you can print out what you need. Cables are #20.
Lion Brand Learn to Knit - cables

I just got Vogue’s Stitchionary Volume 2 which is all cables.
Looks good.

I watched Amy’s vid and and downloaded the Irish Hiking Scarf and the Besotted Scarf patterns and made a couple of practice swatches until I got it right. It’s pretty easy. The Girl from Auntie site has some cool cables that you can download, but you don’t want to try those yet. Cut your teeth on the IHS and Besotted.

 :muah:  :hug: 

Nadja xxx