Cables without needles

Hi! It’s been AGES since I knit and hung out here but I have taken it up again this winter. And, of course, I couldn’t just pick an easy pattern to knit…nope! I’m trying this:

with some handspun alpaca from a local farm. I have done cables before but this is ALL cables and I knit pretty tight so it’s been a challenge. I wanted to learn to do this without a cable needle so I have read all the tutorials and watched all the videos but they all are for patterns with space between the cables and there are none in my pattern. Can I knit this without a cable needle or should I just trudge on with one?

ETA: The yarn is sort of a worsted weight and I’m using #8 needles…would this be easier if I went up a needle size or two? And I only have 200 yards…this might turn into a cowl. Maybe this isn’t the right pattern for this yarn?

Thanks for any help you can give. I love this pattern but, at this rate, I won’t be wearing it any time soon!

Welcome back!
This is such a gorgeous stitch pattern. It reminds me of herringbone stitch in its intricacy.
Yes, you should be able to work this without a cable needle. It took me a while to be brave to go this way but it’s much faster, as you realize. I find that holding sts to the front is slightly easier than to the back. If that’s true for you, you might want to start with those cable rows.

You should use the needles that give you the knit fabric that you like. If you’re really a tight knitter, you may still be a tight knitter on the larger needles but it’s worth a try.

Thanks! I knew I could count on you all!

That’s good advice, starting on the front stitches and working my way to the back stitches in time. I did frog my first attempt and am going to try again with bigger needles.

I think it’s possible that, since this is ALL cable, the technique might need to be different? I need to sit down, maybe with some easier to knit junk yarn, and figure this out. I didn’t mind cable needles when I was knitting a blanket and there were just 7 of them but this is the whole pattern.

Thanks for your help! I’ll post when I’m finished.