Cables Untangled

Hi all,

I signed up for a class at the LYS next month where we’ll be using the “Cables Untangled” book. I’ve never knit cables before (which is why I signed up for the class :teehee: ), and I was trying to pick out a pattern that the author had rated “easy.”

I really love the easy pullover towards the beginning of the book, but I’ve never knit a sweater before. However, I’m thinking that since I’ll be taking the class, I’ll have some assistance. Do you think this sweater would be do-able for my first one?

Thanks! :muah:

I do. It just seems to use stockinette, a simple rope cable, and little shaping, so go for it!

I would guess that your instructor is going to have you try some cables before tackling an entire project. What about one of the scarves? Cables can be tricky when incorporating them into the shaping of a sweater–with that said, the blue cotton LS sweater in the book might be pretty easy, once you get the hang of the cables. It’s raglan shaping and the cables are done in a way that fits right into the shaping.

You could also ask the instructor!!!

Thanks Conti and Hildie!

I’m going to go in this weekend and ask for some advice (and buy some yarn! :teehee: )

I just thought I’d see what people here thought too! I was wondering if I was being overly ambitious…we’ll see. :slight_smile:

My only worry is that with your first cabling ever, you may make mistakes the first couple of times, maybe even more. With a scarf, I can undo ten rows and redo the cable with little wasted effort. On a jumper, ten rows may be hours of work, but even if it only had one cable going up one edge, and you didn’t notice immediately that there was a problem, you’d have to undo many more stitches than on a scarf where you undid the same number of rows. And with cables, it’s more difficult to see whether you’ve made a mistake, and you might take longer to notice it.
If someone will be checking your work, no problem: but if you are going to be working on it yourself at home between classes, I’d suggest doing a swatch with the same cable pattern first. Also maybe start off with the sleeves so that any ripping necessitated by a cable mistake will be on narrower rows.


I’ve never knit a sweater, so I couldn’t help you there but instead you could try an Irish Hiking Scarf. That’s what I just finished for my first time doing cables, and it really wasn’t too hard. And redwitch it right…if you have to frog some it because of a mistake, it won’t be so much wasted effort.

I have this book and can’t say enough wonderful things about it. I’m working on the His/Hers reversable cable scarf and it’s beautiful! It’s not hard-I say you should go for it. I agree that you might want to try a flat piece first just to make sure you have the hang of the cables but that shouldn’t take you long b/c cables aren’t hard at all! Good luck w/ whatever you decide!

If you do decide to do the sweater–let me know how it goes–I have the yarn already and plan to make that same sweater for myself eventually…