Cables too tight

That’s beautiful. Well done.

Absolutely beautiful! You made it sooooo nicely!

Just out of interest how did the yarn weight work out for you? The cardigan looks perfect, is it the size you hoped and did you change which size pattern you worked to or did it just work with what you had without any alterations?
As someone who always substitutes yarn I am just being nosy for my own increased knowledge.


Beautiful work - the color is gorgeous and so are the cables!

HI Creations, I took your advice and used Drops Baby Merino which was on special offer. I really liked the yarn especially as the resulting cable stitch looked more defined. As I’m not a very experienced knitter I decided I would be safer using the recommended needle size . My grandson is three and tall for his age but very slim, the only thing I wish I’d done differently was to make the cardigan a bit longer. The style is meant to be boxy but I think when I make it again I will add a bit more to the length. Thank you for your help .


Hi, thanks for the info. This is great to know. I’m really glad to hear the yarn switch worked out well for you and that you liked the yarn. I haven’t used these yarns myself yet but I keep looking at them both and will definitely be using them at some point.
Hopefully you can use the other yarn for a different project which calls for dk, I’m sure you’ll find something lovely to make with it.

I just recently found this uk online shop, they stock drops yarns and seem to have drops special offers on yarn all the time. I haven’t used it myself yet but I book marked it to keep an eye on. You might find it useful too.

I know what you mean about length, it’s something I check on all my knits now and often add length.

Hi there, thanks again for the link, I shall keep an eye on it. I have found a pattern for my DK wool but having a bit of a problem shaping the neckline, but I will persist!! I know where to come if I’m not successful.!!

Mail]( for Windows


Your link takes me to a page for getting an app.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you need help.
Just type out the line or two you’re stuck on.

Hi everyone, I need some help yet again ! Using the wool from my previous mistake I’ve almost completed DK jumper pattern Hoxton by Martin Storey but I am struggling to neatly form the neckline and unsure how to decrease on the RHS and LHS of the neck. I’m ok with the casting off at the armhole using sloped bind off, but decreasing at neckline on every row for 6 rows has me stumped!
Pattern says: ( for RS)
Work each side of neck seperately.
Dec 1 st at neck edge of next 6 rows, and at the same time cast off…
It reverses the instructions for the LHS.
What method do I use to decrease 1 stitch at neck edge but also turn and decrease 1 stitch again at the neck before carrying on to the end of the row, and are the methods different for RS and LS ? Thank you

Good looking sweater.
For the left side of the neck (left side as you would wear the sweater) it’s nice to use a k2tog on the RS. You don’t have to do that but the decreases then follow the line of the neck. On the other side, the WS you can work a k2tog through the back loop or a ssk. Because this is garter stitch either will slant in the same direction along the neck as the k2tog on the front side.

For the right side of the neck (again, right side as you would wear the sweater) a ssk or k2tog through the back loop will follow the neckline on the RS. On the other side (WS), a k2tog will follow that line.

You can work these decreases one or two sts in from the edge if you want which may give you a neater edge to pick up sts later for the collar.

Thank you salmonmac, having tried to follow some videos I’ve ended up with very messy edges, so I shall follow your instructions which are much simpler and clearer for both sides of the garment. I think I just needed a definitive set of instructions and not flitting to and fro between different videos I’ll let you know how I get on !! Thank you once again for your help.

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You’re welcome. See how it goes and come back if you don’t care for the edge. Much of the decreases will be hidden in the garter stitch or the collar.