Cables that seem to float off the background

I swear that I read somewhere that by using twisted knit stitches on the edges of cable stitches that it is possible to define a cable so well that it appears to float off the background, almost as an afterthought cable.

Can anyone help me find a reference to this? I could have sworn I read the tip here at knittinghelp.


edited for clarification of which stitches…

I’ve seen this somewhere too – in a small book possibly by Dawn Brocco or maybe Janet Szabo. Wish I could be more helpful.

I think you might be talking about Dawn Brocco’s Curvaceous Cables book. You can get it from her website, .

All my cables look like there floating above the piece. They are very pronounced. basically 3d cables.

Wow! How is it that I’ve never even seen that book but I’ve heard of the technique? 8-O

Ah, well. I have rectified the situation by ordering the book.

Heather, do you have a particular technique that you use to make your cables ‘pop out’?

if your purling before your knitted cables they usually jump out dont they? I dont think I seen a cable not stand out before.

In most cases they do. But sometimes I make cables in a yarn that is very busy and they will tend to ‘drown’ in the colorways. With the technique I read about, even cables on a busy background will pop out very clearly…:cool::knitting: