Cables on a sweater

So I started my first sweater n it’s top to down . I made a simple cables stick in the middle now am at the torso part n realise the cable has moved rightward instead of being straight down :slightly_frowning_face: Can someone help me how it’s happned n wat can I do to rectify it ?

Don’t know if u can make out in d pic but vn v wear it d slant is quite noticeable

I can see that there are more sts on the right side of the cable to the armhole edge than on the left side to the underarm in the photo. I assume that you centered the cable on the front panel when you began. It looks as though the bind offs at the armholes (or placement of the armholes) weren’t spaced evenly between the center back and the center of the cable.
I’d mark the center back and count sts around to the center front, then make sure the armholes are evenly spaced. If that’s the problem, you’d have to rip out to the arm and re-set them.

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Maybe that’s d issue coz I placed it on my kid n marked d arm holes :weary: Thanks a lot !

One thing, you probably want more sts (say 4 more) on the front than on the back. This is to compensate for the fact that the cables draw in the width. It’ll take a few more sts on the front in order to have equal widths across front and back.
The knitting looks lovely and it’s going to be a very pretty sweater.

So do you suggest I add another 4 stitches in d next row ? Will dat make d cables look a bit more straight :grimacing: ?
Thanks a lot I’m super excited since it’s my first sweater :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t think the addition of sts at this point will work. I think the only choice is to live with an asymmetric cable (a design element?) or go back and adjust the armhole placement to center the cable.

I’ll live wt it I’m too excited to redo it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Thanks a lot :hugs: