cables keep switching sides


Hello, Im new to knitting and have started doing some cables. Things seem ok but partway through the pattern i find half my cables on one side and half on the wrong side. HELP! I do have to put down and pick up quite a few times as I am a mom of four. Are there any tricks to prevent this? Its getting quite frustrating having to pull apart all of my work.
Current project is Saxon cable from studio knits.
Thank you very much,


Hi there!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting!! It sounds like you’re having a problem keeping track of your rows. What I do is keep a piece of paper and a pencil on the couch next to me. Every time I finish a row, I make a tally mark on the paper. So if you put your project down, when u come back to it you should be able to look at your paper and see what # row comes next.



I use a stitch/ row counter to help keep track when it’s a pattern with too many steps to memorize. I keep it hidden when my grand kids are around cuz they love to click the counter.


I have a row counter, and I will be knitting along nicely and then look down and half of the cables are on the right side and part are on the wrong side.


I have an idea what may be going on. Most cable patterns go something like this: row1 k2 c4b…row 2 (and all even rows) p. Could you perhaps be knitting rows 1,2,3,5,7,9… instead of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8…?
Does that make sense? Maybe you could post a link to the pattern?



Will I guess my theory was wrong. I know I have missed rows on cable projects and just wound up unraveling to start again. Sorry I’m not much help.


Using a row counter or pencil and paper are good ideas. It may also help to put a marker or scrap yarn or a safety pin on the right side (RS or cable cross rows). This will be a reminder to only cross cables on the odd number rows.