Cables in varigated yarn?

Has anyone used varigated yarn for a cabled pattern? I’m starting to think Christmas and would like to use up some of my stash for hats and scarves, I seem to have a plethora of varigated yarn. But I got thinking about it and I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone do a cable pattern… would it make the pattern “too busy”?

Ingrid made one out of Noro (?) that looks awesome. (well, c’mon, it was Ingrid after all. ;))

You have to be careful about the variegated yarn, though. If there are too many color changes, or they pool or are too dark or whatever, the detailing of the cabling will be lost. That’s why solid color, smooth yarns are the best.

I think it would depend on the cables and how the colours knit up. Really gradual colour changes, or where all the colours are similar would probably look nice with cables. Or at least not any busier than lace patterns are with variegated yarns. Same goes with the cable pattern; the more complex it is, the more it will be lost in the yarn. Like an Aran sweater probably wouldn’t look so good in a multicoloured yarn

i started knitting up some cable rib socks in a varieated sock yarn with lots of color changes and yeah, i frogged them because it looked to busy. the cables got lost in the yarn and i felt like all my hard work was gone! :cry: haha but an episode of knitty gritty came to mind where they made a dog sweater that had a cable pattern on it and they used kareoke yarn that was varieated. but it was very gradual and the colors didn’t change for several rows. it looked REALLY good! (note to self: buy kareoke yarn)

Like other KHs have stated cabling with variegated yarn can be done, but choosing the right yarn and a simple cabling panel is essential. That stated in episode DKNG-607 of Knitty Gritty a pillow is made using variegated yarn as the background and solid colored yarn for the actual cable. Here is the address (hopefully):,2025,DIY_14141_5311299,00.html
Good luck on beating your plethora of variegated yarn back into submission. :thumbsup:

I’ve just finished a pair of arm warmers in ‘Nero’ the cable pattern was simply but looks nice with the different colours running through it.

Here are some pictures of cables in Karaoke and Malabrigo.

I used a very similar color of Malabrigo to that last picture for a cabled hat - there’s slight variegation in the yarn, but it’s delicate enough that it works well with the cabling.

OHHHHHHHHHH Ingrid!!! JUST LOVELY! I may have to give it a try!!!

The first and third pics from Ingrid are fine, as the colour changes are so long they don’t obscure the stitch pattern. The other two are close to obscuring the stitch pattern, so be careful with anything having similar colour changes: these ones are fine but you won’t be able to know until you have knitted some up. Think of all the lace you see done in highly variegated colourways, the hard work is for nothing because the stitch pattern disappears!

Not in my opinion. I love the color in the second one and the cable really stands out on the 4th. :shrug:

You can see how a subtly variegated yarn looks in cables here -

I think Knitting Guy is doing his Irish Hiking Scarf in a varigated yarn, and it looks incredible. It definitely adds a different look to cables, which can be a really cool effect if you’re going for it. You should just pick out some variegated yarn you love, a cable pattern you love, and give it a try :smiley:

ETA: And now that I’ve seen where suzeeq’s link leads to, I realize that ONCE AGAIN, suzeeq says exactly what I was going to say RIGHT before I was about to say it. :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Awwww, you’re just getting warmed up for your new career as a psychic…

Ingrid’s yarns are very subtle, very delicately shaded. Therefore, they cabled very nicely.

Some variegated yarns are not so subtle. The colors may “pool” very aggressively, and may dominate the field. They may fight for recognition over the cabling.

I have had this happen with Red Heart variegated yarns.

I am now in the process of clearing out all my acrylic leftovers…and making a child’s Crazy Quilt Afghan. I had some variegated Red Hearts on hand…so…knowing how the colors “pool” (they don’t “tweed”)…I used a very dominant cable pattern for the variegated yarns. Below are 3 of the 8"x8" squares. Red Heart variegated yarns ARE NOT the qualilty, fiber-wise and colorway-wise, of Noro and Malabrigo yarns. You gets what you pays for. I still use the acrylics for toddler projects for my many grandchildren. It makes the laundering much easier for my daughters. There is nothing wrong with using Red Heart yarn! But, the variegated skeins are a challenge.

Those squares are gorgeous, I love yarn with lots of colour in it. Can’t find much of it in my LYS. I think it’s cheerful and therefore makes me smile.

I am thrilled to see ACTUAL pics of cables in varigated yarn. I think they look GREAT!!! It seems that the secret is to use a fairly large cable without too much detail or business. THANKS to all who posted.

I’ve been “messing around” with cables since getting the book “cables Untangled” and guess the best thing to do is just give it a try. I am into bright and splashy colors (nothing subtle about me:oops:) so in looking at my stash most of the varigated yarn is pretty bright but I think the bright colored squares ArtLady had posted look winderful so I guess I’ll just have to “have at it” and see what developes.

In between EMT hats that is:shock::rollseyes::wall::rollseyes::shock:, it sure is a shame that I actually have to go to work everyday!!!

I also thought the 4th was quite clear. I thought I was losing it lol.

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On Topic - I love Ingrid’s mermaid colorway cable scarf <3

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