Cables in the round

[color=indigo]I want to make some wrist warmers/fingerless gloves. I am knitting in the round. I had planned on doing cables on them, but I have messed up. The part of the cable that slants to the left was fine, but when I tried to make the right slanting cable, it ended up on the wrong side of the work. Before I frog for the 5th time… How do I get the cable to be on the right side of my work? [/color]

Moving the needle with the waiting stitches to the front or back of the work determines where it’s right or left slanting. Are you following a pattern? It should tell you whether you need to cable front or back.

Are you cabling on the correct row? I couldn’t figure out how to do reversible cabling (cables that show up on both wrong and right sides of the work) until I read that you should cable on odd # row repeats (e.g, cable every 7th row). Very cool!

So I infer that this means if you want your cables to only show up on one side consistently (i.e., on the ‘right’ side), that it should be on an every even # row repeat (e.g, every 8th row).

Hope this helps!! Good luck, been there, done that …


Thanks nuknitter, now it makes sense!

Isn’t this only the case if you knit flat?

As far as I can tell, Dee, it seems to work out the same for circular knitting - let me know if not. I’ve knitted a couple of cabled hats in the round, and they were not reversible (cabling on even # row repeats) - although, reversible cabling on a hat does present interesting possibilities!!

Anyone else with ideas?? :thinking: