Cables at the edge of a pattern?!


I have a pattern where the instruction is to cable the first five stitches in the row, a C10F. I can do normal cables, that are several stitches into the pattern, but I simply can’t get this one to work!

The yarn is at the edge of the 1st st, so when I come to knit the 6th stitch (having slipped the first 5 onto my cable needle) the yarn wraps around the side of the work. Once the cabling is done, it looks as though the cable is at a right angle to the rest of the knitting, and you can still see the piece of yarn that is trapped going from the 1st stitch to the 6th.

How do I stop the yarn wrapping round? Are there any videos I can watch? I can only find ones for cables in the centre of the knitting. Should I add a stitch to the edge, and then knit together two - and if so, where and when do I knit together?

Thanks so much!

(If I’ve used the wrong terms or something isn’t clear, please just say, I’m very new to this!)

What is it you’re making? Can you give us a pattern name or a link?
The working yarn should go across the back to the sixth stitch, that’s right. Don’t let it be too loose. You need a slight bit of tension on the yarn but not so much that you completely close up the gap between the edge stitch and stitch 6.
I like your idea of adding an extra edge stitch which will kind of anchor the yarn before the cable. Depending on what you’re making you may not even have to knit two together to get rid of it. I expect it’ll hardly be noticeable.

Thank you so much! I did what you said with holding the tension and it works great. I can finally get back to knitting!

The pattern is from . It’s actually a lovely design.

Very nice and cozy lookog. Happy Thanksgiving!