Cables are not so sharp

I tried my first cable project: Bamboozled. I was quite happy with the finished project until I saw the photos on ravelry. Other people’s headband has cables which are so sharp and tight. Mine doesn’t look that good.

See mine here:

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Is my tension inconsistent?

different wools and different colours make things look completely different, i think it looks great!

Thanks for your encouraging reply :slight_smile:

I hope that is the reason. The yarn I get here is not that great. All I get is wool + acrylic. Once I get hold of some better yarn, I will try this again!

They look fine! :slight_smile: As tasknitter pointed out, color and fiber content
play a big part in how cables appear.

Libbie :slight_smile:

You might try washing it; that can help even out stitches.

wash and block it and I think you will be happier

Thanks for the suggestion. I will block it and see if it helps.

I mostly blame the fabric. When I knit, my projects tend to look a little different and I just assume that’s because I gave them my little touch. ^^ It could also be a tension thing, but looking at it, I doubt it.

Looks lovely to me!

I think it’s very pretty, the color is lovely. I agree that washing and/or blocking it will help even out the stitches, and make them stand out more.

Let us know how it works?

I think there’s some great advice here already and I really have nothing more to offer in that regard, but I did want to say that I think that you did great :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody, you don’t know how relieved I am. I was pretty sad that my knitting is not consistent.

I am definitely going to block it today (its Friday so I have time) and I will update here about how it went.

I think they look perfectly fine. I did notice that most of the pictures on Ravelry (had to go look to see why you were dissatisfied–it wasn’t obvious from your picture!!!) were on heads, so it may be that it looks different stretched across a head than lying flat. Blocking can’t hurt, but I think it looks fine just as it is!