Cables and reading instructions

I am knitting a jacket/sweater out of Kimono Ribbon. The instructions are confusing, although I have been knitting for awhile. The cable and ladder pattern is formed w/Rows 3-14. “Cont in patt, inc 1 st at beg of 7th and every foll 10th row until there are 43 sts.” Does this mean the foll 10th row from the 7th (row 17) or starting with the 10th row immediately after the 7th row?
Row 11 reads: K3, M1, K3, P2tog, (yo) twice, P2tog, K10, P2tog, (yo) twice, P2tog, K to end. With the instructions at the end of the pattern (as stated above) which end with “until there are 43 sts, what do I do with this row once I have reached 43 sts? Do I leave the M1 out of this row and continue with the pattern?
This is the first time knitting the cable pattern for me. This is the left front and the cable stitch reads “…C10F…” Throughout the pattern for the left front is it always C10"F”? Is the …C10B… for the right front?
To continue the pattern do I continue to work Rows 3-14?
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I would go with the 17th row and every 10 after that.

Once you have reached 43 stitches, the pattern should tell you what to do next, even if it’s to work even for X amount of inches or rows.

If the pattern says the cable pattern is worked over rows 3-14, just keep repeating those rows and continue doing the cables as they were in the first description for that side.