Cables and gloves

Hello Everyone that reads hesmy questions for the day:

I made a pair of gloves for my niece and did a K 2 rows of knit… with 4 rows of k2p2 ribbing, then knit 2 rows of knit… then I started a few rows of St stich… not sure how many rows I did… still trying to learn to hash mark my rows as well as learning what a completed stitch looks like. When I did the cable… the one with the cable hanging front… turned out fine… but the right side of it didnt twist below, only above… so my question is this… what did I do wrong… and more important

How do you start a pattern with the cable going to the bottom of the edge such as for a scarf or a flat fingerless glve pattern done on 2 needles…and then have both twists going. I get the concept…but with the above pattern I created I dont know why the left side of the twist didnt take. I am not talking of a backward placed cable either.

I also ended with some spacing on the left side of the forward placed cable needle… is that just a tension thing? I had to tact it because I didnt really notice till I tried the gloves on.

Thanks in advance

Cables generally don’t really look like cables until you’ve done more than one cross, so if you did the cable correctly, you should see them developing.

Also, it is common to have a gap where you switch from knit to purl or vice versa. If it is a concern, you can work the first stitch of the new section through the back loop to tighten it up.