Cables and coloured yarn

So, I’ve been slowly working on a cabled scarf for my mother. The pattern calls for 11 pattern “chunks” (11 rows per pattern chunk) in one colour, then switch to the next colour for 11 more chunks. Currently, I’m on chunk 6 (I really can’t think of anything else to call it but a chunk :p).

I’m doing the scarf in a really nice pink, I have a tri colour yarn waiting to be used next. The yarn is Bernat Softee chunk twists in these colours:

Tawny Rose Twists
Pale Antique Rose

I also have the same yarn in a natural (matches one of the colours in the tri colour), and in grey. I’m not sure how cables (and the moss stitch that is also in the scarf) would look in a multicoloured yarn. Does anyone have any advice for me?

Should I go ahead with the Tawny Rose Twists, but alter the pattern so there are 6 chunks of pink, 12 of the tawny, and 6 more of pink…or just do all pink, or pink and natural, or pink and grey…or or or…perhaps at this point I should admit myself for psychiatric observation…

:teehee::zombie: Deciding on which colors to use can drive me crazy, too. I’ve done cables in multicolored yarn and they look lovely. I like the idea of a solid pink and then having that pink mix in for the next ‘chunk.’ It adds continuity rather than abruptly changing from one color to another.

It will look lovely (did I just use that word?) no matter what. Visualize how you want the scarf to look and use the yarns accordingly.