Cabled Wristlets Help

I’m trying to kinit the Cabled Wristlets in the Nov. issue of Creative Knitting. Under the Pattern Stitches heading of the pattern they list 3 things: 1. K1,P1 rib
2. Every Round *K1-tbl, P1; rep from * around.
3. This is the mock cable with a 4 row K2,P2 repeat.
My question is when they say “Every Round” in #2, do they mean to use throughout the entire glove, even though that has a K2,P2 basis? I ask because then they specifically say in the Special Abbrev. Portion that when doing the twisted cable row of the 4 row repeat, to knit through the front loop (as though you hadn’t been doing that all along). There also appears to be a typo on the twisted row, because they ask you to knit in the 2nd loop on the RH needle, but obviously, it should be the LH needle. I asked about this on their web site, but no answer as yet. I’m proceeding as if the tbl thing doesn’t apply to the cable pattern and it looks Ok to me. But I plan to make 4 of these little gloves (2 pair) & want the second pair to be right. Thanks for any help! :knitting:

In the main instructions does it say to start with pattern 1 for a couple inches, then go to pattern 2? Or maybe the twisted rib, k1tbl, p1, is for the cuff only.

It doesn’t really say that, but that’s what I assumed and went ahead with the rest of the pattern anyway. If that’s what they meant, then why do they specifically say on the twist row to knit in the front loop as though prior to that, I’d been knitiing through the back loop? This is just a poorly written pattern and I haven’t even gotten to the thumb yet. :slight_smile:

Some patterns are like that, unfortunately. :frowning:

You’re so right… I’m now down to the thumb part and find that the count is uneven and difficult to follow. So I’m gonna finish this pair as best I can and then rewrite the whole business myself. I’ll just view this as a practice piece and hang them on the free mitten tree at the local library. Grrrr!!! Thanks for the help and sympathy.