Cabled pullover Vogue Winter 06/07

I really like the cabled pullover in Vogue winter 06/07…my only problem with it is that it calls for super bulky yarn and the super bulky yarn I can afford is icky and the yarn they use is too expensive…Soo here are my questions…Does anyone know of a good reasonably priced super bulky yarn? If not how do I substitute for a smaller gauge yarn (knit two stands of worsted at the same time? Use a smaller yarn and knit it for a larger size?) Any help or comments would be appreciated. THANKS

I tried to find a picture of this sweater on the net, but couldn’t, sorry

You can use to search for yarn by weight - it lists “typical” retail price for yarns and shows colors when available.

You can use double or triple stranded worsted weight - but be sure to do a guage swatch to ensure that the stranded guage matches the what the pattern calls for.