Cabled Mitten Pattern?

I found a website that offers a pattern for this style of mitten, but I don’t want to pay to buy the pattern. Do any of you know of a similar, free pattern for this mitten?

Have you looked through these?

Yeah, none of those really have the same pattern I am looking for.

I’ve never seen a pattern like that. There is a Hermione hat that has a similar pattern. Maybe you could adapt it for mittens?

Do you or anyone for that matter know where I could find the pattern you posted? I’m in the market for my first set of mittens and I really like that style.



never mind, I found it myself…

Just wondering if you could post where you found the pattern?

I’m looking for a free pattern for the Hermione Mittens as well.

The pattern can be found here. If you are a Harry Potter fan, that site offers lots of HP designs.