Cabled jacket help

I have cast on the knitted family cabled jacket by Twilleys of stamford using the freedom yarn, but I have got to a section of the pattern I do not understand this is how it look:
Next row:(ws)rib2(3,3,4,4,5) inc in next st,rib2, inc in next st,[rib1,inc in next st] twice, rib 2, inc in next st, rib 5 (7,4,12,14,14), [inc in next st, rib3] 1(0,1,0,0,0)times [inc in last st] 1(0,1,0,0,1)times [P2tog]0(1,0,0,1,0) times. 25(27, 30, 32,35,37)sts.
Does this mean I have to increase within the rib to follow on to the cable pattern.
All help would be great, I’m racking my brain to work this out.
Thank you:happydance:

You’ll be increaseing from the rib to the main body of the sweater and these increases may set up the cable pattern. Follow the directions for the size that you are making and use any form of increase “in a stitch” for example, kfb. The increases will of course break the rib pattern but that’s ok since you’ll be knitting the sweater body after the increase row. Just mark the directions for your size and follow them step-by-step

Thank you so much for your help, as I keep studying that section of the pattern I can understand now thanks to your help. Much appreciated. :slight_smile: