Cabled fingerless mittens?

I know i saw a thread on here a while ago with a bunch of pictures of fingerless (or i guess end-less) mittens - like a beggar’s glove but with only a thumb hole. I can’t find it for the life of me! I remember the girl modelling them had black nailpolish… Anyone have an easy pattern for them? I knit a friend a scarf out of homespun and wanted to make her some of those to go with it. I’ve never used round needles or double ended ones or whatever you use, so I’m a bit nervous, but they look perfect for the hockey rink…




There a bunches of them. Here’s a few -

Not quite a cable, but cool looking!

I loved these They are on Ravelry so you will have to join to see them BUT it was my first armwarmer, my first cable, AND they are knit flat. They are very easy and a great way to learn cables! Good luck! I love knitting arm warmers!

Not everyone is on Ravelry so try to provide the actual pattern link, Duessa. :teehee:

LOL, sorry. I didn’t realize you could do that. I thought they were exclusive to ravelry or something. lol Thanks again Jan!

Some are, some aren’t. If it’s a Ravelry download then you can’t post the pattern link, but otherwise go for it. :thumbsup:

do you think Homespun would be too bulky for these? Maybe i should make them not cabled…

If you mean Lion Brand Homespun then no, I would not use it for cabled mittens. If you want cables to show up use a smooth yarn and use the weight suggested in the pattern if you want them to fit properly.

Here’s some patterns that use bulky yarn like LB Homespun-