Cabled bolero

Its finished!!! :happydance:this pattern was…icky to say the least. Bu tit’s done. Now its anxiously awaiting the attack of my sewing machine to get it more form fitting, but check it out… there are a few wip in there as well

Ooh beautiful! I love the pattern :slight_smile: Great job!

The pattern is just beautiful

The pattern is gorgeous! And I love the subtle sheen of the yarn. Really pretty.

I really want to make that Vogue capelet too. There is a big thread at Craftser (KAL). Many people had problems with the fit. Vogue finally responding and admitted that it was misrepresented in the magazine as a close fitting garment. Some people knit it on smaller needles with sport weight yarn with better results. I still want one.

Great job on all your projects-you’ve been busy!


Wow! It is just beautiful. That close-up picture really shows the intricacy of the pattern. Quite an accomplishment!

(Like the Meredith knitting avatar too!)

You did a great job! It looks like a complicated pattern, kudos to you!