Cabled Baby Hat - Help with Pattern!

Hello everyone,

I started knitting the cabled baby hat found here:

It seems as though the instructions for the 5 cable hat are listed twice instead of listing the instructions for the 10 cable hat. Can anyone help me with the decreasing? I’ve never written my own pattern so I have no clue how to decrease. She doesn’t have an email on her website.

Or is there another pattern I can copy the decrease from? TIA!


Julie will be able to help you with that for sure. That is her blog and she is a member here! :thumbsup:

Thank you Brendajos. Hopefully she’ll see this thread!


I PM’d her to let her know it was here! :wink:

Thank you SO much!

Hi Mari, they are similar, but the two patterns are different! On the five-cable hat you cable every other group of six stitches every eight rounds, but on the ten cable hat, you cable every fourth round, but you switch back and forth between the groups of six stitches, if that makes any sense.

So the five-cable pattern yields cables with 6 sts of plain stockinette between the cables, but in the ten-cable pattern every group of six stitches is cabled (half starting on row 10, and the other half starting on row 14, so they are staggered).

If that didn’t make any sense, please let me know and I will try to clarify – I’m kind of out of it this morning! :wink:

Thank you! That does make sense. Silly me, it’s hard to just trust the pattern! I appreciate your response! Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it tonight. It’s going to be too cute!