Hi All,

I’m wondering if any of you have come across a pattern like this:

age 6 months to 2 years
CABLE KNIT…has to be
button down
hood or no hoodie
dk or up weight yarn…no fingering

prefer yarn to be machine wash, but can be lay flat to dry kinda yarn.

I have googled and I have searched patterncentral and Patternfish, thanks to GinnyG ! ( but I found other patterns there that I will be making!), but haven’t found anything there either.

Hoping someone has a favorite, that when they read this they think “Have I got the pattern for her”!!

Thanks in advance!


Did you try Ravelry? :wink:

I’m bored so I punched in your requirements on Ravelry and here is what I came up with.

For Babies – to 18 months

[/U] --this one has sizes up to 24 months :smiley:

Maybe one of this will catch your fancy. Good Luck!

Also, for yarn, you can always substitute with a machine washable yarn in the same weight. Like acrylic or Swish Worsted from knit picks.

Hi Jan, yes I did, but it looks like Krystal looked on there better than me (see above) and I love the first one!.
Thanks for the post!

Check the link I gave you, too. It’s got all kinds of cabled baby cardigans. :thumbsup:

Jan! Thank you! I’m sorry, I didn’t see the click part! I was really:sleepy: when I was reading those!
What a selection! Now there is one on there that I really like and I’m going to have to choose from the Rowan one!
Thanks again!

Krystal, Thank you! I wrote this thank you yesterday, but something must have happened to it, because I see this morning that it is not on the thread!
I love the first one and I had just bought Rowan yarn and did a swatch yesterday in anticipation of hopefully using it for the sweater and the first one calls for Rowan All Seasons Cotton and mine is Rowan Wool Cotton!
Thanks so much!

No problem! Glad I could help… I love searching up stuff… good time killer when I am bored, and too tired to knit.