I am knitting a shawl with a cable down the middle, 220 stitches cast on, knit 100 cable work 20 then knit to end etc etc.

I would like the cable explained. I am doing slipping 5 stitches as if to plurl and holding on a cable holder then knitting the next five and then knitting the 5 I held on holder then slipping 5 as if to purl and holding in front of shawl and then knitting the next five and then the five from holder. Does this sound correct? I am knitting lenthwise (75")Thanks, Stella

What do your instructions say to do? If it’s telling you the cable section is worked over 20 sts, it seems more likely to me that you have 5 stitches of reverse stockinette (purl on right side) on either side of a 10 stitch cable. But I’m sure the instructions must tell you.

Whether you hold the cable needle to the back or front depends on which way the cable has to slant. Your directions should tell you that. It doesn’t sound like a simple cable, so if you’re not sure, maybe you can either post a picture or put the exact directions here?