Cable without Cable Needle

Can anyone tell me how to work this cable stitch without needles?
C5Rp: Slip 2 stitches to CN and hold in back, slip next stitch to 2nd CN and hold in back, knit 2 from L needle, purl 1 from 2nd CN, knit 2 from 1st CN.
Thanks, Sara

I don’t think this is a cable that lends itself to doing it without another needle, or something to hold the stitches. I use dpns for cables that I can’t do without a needle, but I’ve been known to use an opened paperclip. :shrug:

I’ve never been a fan of cabling without a cable needle (or yes, the ever handy paperclip) but I don’t see why you need [I]two[/I] cable needles for this one. Just slip the 3sts to a cable needle and they’ll be in the correct position to p1 and then k2.


It seems that the Purl 1 is supposed to be from the farthest left of the 3, then Knit the 2 on the right (first) cable needle…

If all stitches were on the same needle, it would be a little difficult getting at the far left stitch without extra twisting, as 2 other stitches would be in front of it on the other side.

I might have to try it to see if it’s possible though! :wink:

You could always slip all 3 stitches onto the same needle (provided it’s double-pointed), then after holding those to the back and knitting 2 from the left needle, slip the farthest left stitch back to your original left needle and purl it. Then, knit two from the cable (or DPS).

If that makes sense… (and provided I’m understanding the pattern correctly) :mrgreen:

Yeah, that’s what I thought, you’d work the 3rd st before the other 2 on the cn.

I thought it was going to be that kind of cable, too but I’ve tried both ways (one cable needle and two reversing the sts) and actually, I don’t see the difference in the finished cable. Give it a try.