Cable vs. Long-tail CO

Ok, apparently I’m going to have 385 questions about this project. I’m working on Fetching from Knitty. I’m assuming they want you to do a cable cast on since they tell you where to go to find out how to do it. Problem is, I’ve never done it. I’ve always done long-tail CO. I followed the video here on the site and I understand how to do it, but it’s very difficult for me to do. How important is it that I do a cable CO? If I do a long-tail CO instead will it make a huge difference?

I’d go ahead and do long-tail. Cable cast on might be a bit stretchier, but if it’s uneven it won’t look good anyway. Just don’t cast on too tightly.

Thanks, Ingrid! :muah:

Hey Ingrid,

Is your cable cast on more stretchy than your long-tail CO? I would’ve thought that should be the case (from my limited experience) but I’ve just read two different knitting books that insist cable CO is not as elastic as long-tail CO and therefore long-tail CO is better for things like hats or socks that you want some stretch in.

Maybe it depends on the knitter?

To be honest, I only use long tail, unless I need to do a provisional. I know that some people are very particular about their cast-on. I’m not sure of the differences, except that I find long-tail easier and neater for me. I could very well be mistaken about the relative stretchiness.

I think that some patterns may specify a certain cast on only because that’s what the designer happens to prefer.