Cable Vest/Sweater?

It’s unfinished at sleeves, but here’s what I’ve devoted my life to for the last two weeks - a present for my husband - alas, that doesn’t fit him! Too small. I made a medium because I thought the finished chest size sounded so big! Gage worked fine. You just have to add to the body for movement comfort, etc. Duh.

So it fits me, but I’d never wear a vest. So I was thinking of trying to put some sleeves on it.

There’s tons of errors. Should have left an edge everywhere and done shaping in a stitch or two. The ribbing on the neck - wow. Of course I couldn’t just follow the instructions and leave a shoulder open and do the ribbing flat so I could follow the instructions at the V. No. I put it on circular and when I got to the V - muddled through it poorly because you couldn’t follow the instructions because you can’t turn the work. Then I cast off with the knit instead of whatever because I don’t understand if you cast off a k1p1 - do you k1, p1 then take the p over the k? Seems like pattern would get messed up.

Anyway, I’ll be making another, hopefully better, and I’ll try to follow instructions this time.


Nice work, Jouf! What a bummer it doesn’t fit him. I’ve had that happen. The first sweater I designed from scratch, I took measurements, and didn’t leave a bit of ease. It was for my nephew, who was 1 year old, and I think it would have barely fit him as a new born! LOL.

Hmmm, since it is a vest, and you don’t have to worry about sleeves fitting, I’m wondering if you could insert a couple of side panels to make it fit your husband. I’ve never attempted anything like it, but if the neck and shoulder width fit, and it’s mosly in the abdomen and belly that it needs room, then it seems like it could work. …just a thought.

I like the idea of making a sweater for yourself out of it, too. As long as you like the color and style for yourself, you could make it gorgeous.

Thanks for sharing the picture. I hope to see what becomes of it!

Hey Jouf that looks really good! I love the colour as well, very royal! I do hope you can make something of it, let us know how you progress :slight_smile:

The colors and knitting are gorgeous Jouf! I sure hope you’re able to do something with it.

Amy, it’s even too short for my husband! So side panels won’t help. I guess just chalk it up to beginner’s mistakes and since I probably won’t wear it that much, I’m not going to bother putting more work into it by making sleeves for it. I’m just going to finish the ribbing around the arm openings and wear it over a T shirt or something now and then just so I can say I made it! I learned a lot and the next one will go much nicer.

Amy, I saw the picture of your sweater for your nephew - it was adorable, if small - and he still looked awful cute wearing it! I think I’d buy a stuffed bear and put it on it for your nephew! Then its life has been extended for many, many years!