Cable Vest finished - yay!

Nice project. Your yarn is very nice too. :thumbsup:

Hmm… you mean like a Yeti? :think: Come to think of it, I bet Yeti fur would make really WARM yarn. Like Qiviut, only more.

Sasquatch yarn would probably reek, but Yeti…

mojo - you’re a laugh and a half!

:cheering: :muah:


I’m very impressed with your handiwork–gorgeous! And I’m amazed at how well the cables show up in this variegated yarn.

Just goes to show you that cables and some multicolored yarns CAN work together (we had a lengthy discussion about this subject here a while back and the general consensus seemed to lean towards [U]not[/U] using them together). However, your yarn and pattern choice here blow that theory out of the water! Very professional looking indeed!

Super job! :yay:

yep there’s no reason why cables can’t work on varigated yarns. afterall they really are adding a three dimensional level

I’m working on a cabled scarf at the moment done in a marled alpaca and liking the results. It gives it a gradient effect that approximates the cat I was trying to match. Not exactly the same thing, but similar.

That’s lovely work David, I’m very impressed. Very nice colour choice too. Must be a great feeling to wear something that you made yourself, I get super excited when I put my home made socks on! I think I might pass out if I ever managed something bigger! :woohoo:

Glad you stuck it out, David… well worth it.

TEMA - I always stick it out when working on a project. I hate giving up. Hence, I now have 1) hoodie, 2) vests, and 3/4 or a jumper (which I’m loving knitting).