Cable sweater Help

I am trying to make a sweater from the Kitty Bartholemw book- BIG MISTAKE- her patterns are TERRIBLE- but I LOVE the look of the sweaters. The sweater has a 14 stitch double cable down the center. When I knit the front it is considerably smaller than the back of the sweater. How do I compensate for the cable pattern in sizing my sweater.

Because the pattern is so poorly designed, I have had to REVAMP the entire gauge, number of stitches- EVERYTHING!! I have restarted this sweater 8 times


Thanks in advance!!

cannot help, but am interested in any knowlegable replies
sorry your going through this


Cables always pull in a bit so will be narrower than the same number of stitches in stocking. I suggest you measure the difference in width, and cast on that width’s worth of stitches extra when you cast on for the front - half on each side.