Cable Sweater from Knits For Barbie

Hello- My name is Laurie and I am new to the forum. I live on Cape Cod and I have a question. My mom and I are knitting some Barbie items for my niece - I picked up Nicky Epstein’s book - Knits For Barbie. My mom is an experienced knitter, I am somewhat experienced, but prefer simple patterns - The first pattern in the book, for the Aran-style cable sweater - the directions for the 3RT stitch seem odd. The book says to drop the 3 stitches that are used for the cable pattern - I think they are moved to the right needle, but am not sure and am not familiar with cables. My mom’s distant from me, and someone she knows suggested I ask here. :slight_smile: Has anyone this this particular sweater, or is anyone familiar with the pattern? Thanks!


I don’t have the book so I can’t say for sure. But it sounds like they want you to make the cable using a method of cabling without a cable needle.

One method of cabling w/out a cable needle has you slide off the 2-3-however many stitches, sort of hold them so they don’t unravel, then knit the next 2-3-however many, then slide the first 2-3 stitches back on the left needle and knit them. Cable crossed. If you’re not comfortable making cables w/out a cable needle, you can certainly use a cable needle.

Hi Marilyn- Thanks very much- I was wondering about that, but I was going to put them on something rather than try to hold them. Thanks also for letting me know how to do it without a cable needle. :slight_smile: