Cable stitches

im currently knitting this pattern (

there are 16 stitch cable patterns (8 hold front, k 8, etc.)

the problem im having is that when i’m knitting the cable pattern it gets really tight. i was originally thinking that it was normal since I’m crossing 8 stitches over… but it seems too tight and i dont think it’s normal… is there any way i can make it more loose?

like my left hand hurts after i do the cables because the stitches are really tight

Use a larger needle size, cables should be done loosely especially if you’re going to cross 8 sts. With a scarf you can get away with going up a couple sizes - try a 10½ or even an 11 if you normally knit tight.

Make sure that you’re slipping your stitches as if to purl. If you slip them as if to knit, they will be too tight to work.