Cable stitch

I’m ready to try cable stitch. Any suggestions for an easy project to start with?

My first one was Tweedy Cabled Cap also can be found here
I liked that one because you work the cable separately and then attatch it as the brim of your hat.

They aren’t as hard as you think they might be! Have fun!


I did this one for one of my first cabled projects. I totally agree that cables seem harder than they are. I didn’t do them for the longest time because I thought they would be hard. Then once I did it I was like, “Thats all there is.”

I’ve done cables, and I agree, they aren’t that hard. You’ll do fine. Good luck with your new project!

That looks nice! Thanks for the suggestion

That’s beautiful! Thanks.:thumbsup:

I think the Irish Hiking Scarf is great for a beginner. I just finished the cabling project from hell. It will be a while before I want to pick up the cable needle again.

I started with Classic Cables Scarf from Lion Brand. I made it for my husband in Wool-Ease and it turned out very nicely.

This is the 1st cabled project I made. I don’t have any pictures of my FO, but I loved making mine. I need attach my handles and line the bag.

My 2nd project was this The picture is my FO. I am working on another of this pattern for my dad. I loved making it.

Have fun with your cables. They are addicting…

Thanks for the suggestion. What was the cable project from hell?