Cable stitch recommendations/felt bag

I am making myself a large felted totebag. I’d like to have good cable detail and am using Paton’s Merino 100% wool/ New Denim color. Having felted bags before, I know that using the smaller size needle will limit the amount of felting. Since the rows felt more than the stitches, what cable pattern should I use for the most texture and detail after felting?

I think a honeycomb, lattice, or rope stitch might work well in this situation. Do you have enough yarn to do a few felted swatches to see what you like best?

I do have some extra, now to find the honeycomb and lattice. The rope is just the 4,6,8 with a twist at various rows, right? Should I elongate the point of twist to allow for the row shrinkage?

Yes, the cable is the 4, 6, or 8 with a twist at different rows. Since this is your design and you are choosing the yarn to work with, I believe you should swatch a few cables to see how much shrinkage you get with the particular yarn you are using.

You can find a honeycomb pattern (along with several other cable patterns) at:

Although, I would not recommend fulling [felting] a seed stitch or seed stitch like pattern. It would most likely lose its texture after fulling [felting] (depending on the level of fulling [felting] you plan to agitate to). :wink:

Katrina, I thank you so much for nudging me on the sample swatch. I did one using the 6 stitch cable, threw it in the washer this afternoon and the cable almost completely disappeared. I would have been so mad at myself if I’d done all that work to my bag and had no texture or at least visible cables. Since this was to be my first project using cables, I think I’ll stick with something I am sure works on my bag and either do more research or limit cabling to non-felted pieces.

I saw a gorgeous bag in the new Patternworks catalog that has multi-colored cables on a bag in a kit they sell. It looked felted to me and may be. They may have used 2 strands just for the cables to make them stand out. Sounds like another swatch is in order. Thanks again for the advise.