Cable Stitch Question

I’m currently working on my first pattern requiring a cable stitch. I understand the use of the cable needle, etc., but what I don’t understand is how to do odd numbers. For example, my pattern reads:
P2, slip stitch 3. To cn hold in front, K3, then k3 from ch. K3 P2.

This section of my pattern cannot exceed 13 stitches, so I’m afraid I don’t understand what they’re asking for. HELP:knitting:

Hmmm…do you have a link to the pattern?

Oops, try this

Hi, welcome to KH.

P2 [B](2 sts[/B]) sl 3 sts to cn, hold in front, k3, then k3 from cn B[/B] k3 [B](3 sts)[/B] p2 [B](2 sts)[/B]. 2+6+3+2 = 13 sts.

The count is right, how many are you ending up with to help figure out where you’re off?

I see Jan asked for the pattern link while I was counting on my fingers and toes. That’s cute!

I keep ending up with 16. I’m sure that I’m doing the cable stitch wrong. I think it’s because it’s on odd number. Everything I’ve been reading has been for an even number, say 2, you place one on the cable needle and knit the other from the left. So how do I do that with three?
Thanks for responding - I’m lost!

Ah! I just got it by reading your post Grumpy Grandma, lol! It’s a typo in the original pattern. It reads exactly “…slip stitch 3. To cn hold in front…” so I was literally slip stitching 3, then moving three and trying to cable 3. Thank you!!!

You’re welcome and I’m glad you found the problem. I found a video for a 6 st cable so of course when I find just what the doctor ordered, you don’t need it. Darn it! Here’s the link anyhow. Someone else might encounter a similar problem and find this, who knows? Enjoy knitting that sweater, it’s really cure, and I’m sure the child it’s for is even more adorable.

I can use all the help I can get :slight_smile:
Thx for the link!

I was having a hard time deciphering those instructions and then realized that the period at the end of “sts” did NOT mean the end of the sentence!!!

They should have had someone proofread and edit their instructions!!


I think I read what I thought it should say, not what it said. I see now why it was confusing.

Thanks to all who volunteered great help! :thumbsup: