Cable stitch pattern

Hi all, can you only use one color when working cables??? I changed colors after about 3" and I can see the color change on the purl stitch only not on the knit st.

R1 & R3 (RS) K3,P5,K6,P5,K3
R2 and all (WS) K8,P6, K8
R5 K3,P5, sl next 3 sts to cable hold in back, K3, K3 from cable P5,K3
R7 Rep R1
R8 Rep R2 Thanks for your help

A color change always shows on the purl side. There’s no way around it.

I don’t like seeing the purl bumps, either, so if I change colors in ribbing, I knit the color-change row. On ribbing it doesn’t show, but I imagine that it probably would on a cable pattern.

Hi Ingrid…therefore there is not more than one color on Cable Pattern???

You can do it. There are many patterns where the color changes are part of the design. If you don’t like them, try a few stitches in knit and see how it looks? :shrug:

Thanks Ingrid…I am such a newbie : :oops: :oops: I only have my neighbor/mentor to help me (she’s 93) and not feeling well…I will keep tryin the pattern like my “buddy” says" if there’s a will there’s a way!!! :muah: :muah: