Cable Shell

I am making the twisted cable shell- I am a little confused, at the end of the short rows, - first you do the left side, then the right. it says leave remaining stitches on stitch holder- when do I incorporate them? (there does not seem to be instructions on that) I think I knit them with the middle section- but I just want to know for sure before I screw this up!

That’s a nice top! The instructions are in the next section of the pattern, ie the horizontal neck band. It tells you how to transition from these into the neck section.
I think I’ll have a go at this one!!

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I have it completed to the short rows- I started doing them, and it threw off my rib pattern, then I also noticed I would have a gap between the front and sides- I know some is the arm hole, but when I realized this, I was concerned- so I ripped it out.
I am having difficulty with this, so I am currently searching for a knitting group in my area that can help

Are you using wrap & turn or German short rows or some other technique to work the short rows? The important thing is to keep the columns of knits and purls aligned no matter what.
It may help while you’re figuring this out to put in a lifeline just in case you need it. I hope consulting a knitting group will help. Hands on help is often the best.
If you think posting a photo might help us see the problem, that would be good.

It took a while but the ladies at the knitting group figured it out for me- apparently I had not knitted it long enough on top, because it gathers- I need to add many more rows! As for the short rows, there is no wrap and turn, it just gathers at the top, so the short rows make the shaping on the sides- plus room for the bust.

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Sound like a good solution! Great to have the knitting group back-up.