Cable sets

can u please help and explain this cable abbrev.for me.what are the stitches.2/2 LCP & 1/1 RCP.
Knitting nat if you are out there could you help.they are not explained in the instructions.

What’s your pattern called? Maybe we can find it online or at least a picture.

My guess: 2/2 LCP is a left cross worked in purl (a 4 stitch cable) and 1/1 RCP is a right cross worked in purl.

My pattern is called fanciful flower by Natalie pelykh.i got it on has an explanation of what these are but I have reason to believe they are wrong.i did find an explanation for these on jill woolcotts page.but would like verification.its a fingering wool on us 1 needle and would like to be sure before I proceed.natalie has an update on the first one to correct it but I don’t think its fully corrected.she has now for 1/1 RCP-slip 1 cn & hold to back,p1,k1 from cn.
for 2/2 LCP she has -slip 2 cn & hold to front,p2,k2 from cn.thank you for your reply

Is this it? That’s beautiful!

The instructions you posted look like they should be right. How about trying the stitches on other yarn, just to see what they’re doing, before you start on the hat? A link to jill woolcotts page might be helpful.

yes,that is much for your help.i understand your firstinstructions now.wasn’t reading them properly at first.thx.this confirms.also heard from pattern designer Natalie and she did a further update on the 1/1 rcp changing it.she stated the 2/2 LCP is correct.which you also confirmed.thx.again g.grandma.i have 3 of those to knit.

We love pictures so please feel free to post pictures of your project if you want to.