Cable Scarf - Folding On Itself

Hello All,

I am a new knitter and I have been making a Lion Brands cable scarf pattern that is rated Easy+, so I thought it would be perfect for me.

Anyway, as I am knitting this scarf, it looks great but it keeps on folding on itself (where the purls are on both sides of the cable). My mom says this is normal but I am not sure. I have tried loosening my hold on the thread and using a bigger needle. I can provide a url link if necessary.

Is my mom right? She usually is but I just want to check it out!

Thank you,

If it is knit in stocking knit with no border then it most likely curl. I think if you provide the link it might help the rest of us get an idea how to help (if possible).

Always provide an link to the pattern if you have one. Is it this one?

If it is then the picture shows it curling slightly, too. :think:

Here is the link for the pattern:

I find that they like to fold, too. Sometimes blocking can help.

I was knitting that same scarf a few months ago and mine did the same thing. Its not anytihng you are doing wrong.